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Pollution - According to air pollutions studies, nearly 34% of the particulate matter in the atmosphere originates from the fine suspended dust particles form unpaved roads, and parking lots. This makes unpaved roads and unpaved parking lots one of the major man-made contributors of particulate emissions on a national basis.
Health - Dust suppressants reduce dust related health risks that include allergic reactions, and pneumonia & asthmatic attacks thereby boosting health and eliminating complaints.


Safety - Dust suppressants provide safer driving environments and improve visibility, vehicle performance and providing a stable driving surface.


Equipment Maintenance - They reduce maintenance costs by lowering levels of dust that clog air filters, bearings, and other moving parts. They also improve fuel economy.


Yard / Road Maintenance - By helping us decide on a suitable application plan for your aggregate area you should retain approximately 42-61% more aggregate. Your aggregate surface will also be more stable which will reduce wash boarding and pot holes requiring less grading. Testing done in Colorado shows a 28 - 42 % cost savings over untreated aggregate just on the yard / road maintenance alone!