Mag Pellet and Flake 20 kg bags


Mag Pellet and Flake boast many qualities which elude other ice melt products. 


First, they are extremely user friendly. They can be applied by individuals with minimal training. They are compatible with your salt application equipment and require only minor alterrations. 


Secondly, they are able to perform at temperatures far lower than salt, with the peak performance temperature at -27 deg. Celcius. (Salt peaks at -7 deg. Celcius) 


Third, they are extremely economical. If applied properly, MAG outperforms other ice melt products dollar for dollar, and lasts longer per application.


Fourth, Mag has one of the lowest corrosion factors available in any ice melt product. 


Fifth, Mag does not track into your facilities, even though it may be applied only a few feet from your doorway. (If excessive quantities are applied, it may track in.) This non tracking factor is extremely attractive to most facilities, and it virtually eliminates damages to your building interior as well.