ProMelt Slicer 20 kg. bags



Product Overview

PROMELT SLICER is your economical solution for effective ice control in larger areas such as roadways, walkways, driveways and parking lots.


PROMELT SLICER is a complex chloride crystal containing a homogeneous blend of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, plus more than 15 trace minerals in each granule. This naturally occurring blend of minerals and chlorides begins to dissolve and penetrate snow and ice immediately after application. The unique crystalline structure of 


PROMELT SLICER provides traction (the benefits of sand without the mess) with additional melting power.


Product Features

•  Natural pink color prevents over application
•  Easy application – Convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling
•  Provides better traction (the benefits of sand without the mess)
•  Helps to reduce slip and fall claims
•  Performs to 0ËšF (-18ËšC)
•  Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
•  100% natural
•  Low toxicity (LD50)


Economical. Effective. Easy to Use.


Ideal for larger areas!

When applied to snow-covered roadways or walkways,  PROMELT SLICER quickly begins to dissolve and penetrate, breaking the bond between the ice and the surface.
The loosened ice and snow can easily be removed following application.



Product Application

Evenly sprinkle ¼ to ½ cup (57 to 114 grams) of PROMELT SLICER per square yard (metre) for driveways and walkways.  Melting will begin immediately and melting action will continue longer than other rock salt products to help prevent freezing of new snow or ice.

Shovel off slush. PROMELT SLICER’s uniform granule allows it to be applied with any type of spreader or by hand.

For best results, remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps and walkways before applying.  PROMELT SLICER is extremely effective if applied at the start of a snowfall.

PROMELT SLICER may also be kept in cars and trucks for use in any situation where traction is needed.  Spread a generous amount in the path of traction wheels to get out of slick parking areas or other places where additional help is required to get moving.