Liquid Dust Control Products

Dust Down

Dust Down represent a new concept in dust control. A unique product to Perth Dust Control, Dust Down remains above and beyond the best Dust Control product formulated for RAPP (recycled asphalt pavement). Based on a new unique synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant technology, Dust Down is both cost effective and environment responsible. It is invitingly non-toxic, biodegradable, and VOC exempt according to California Air Resources Board (CARB). Dust Down dries quickly after application and has deep penetration on loose aggregate. Dust Down is completely safe to use, will not harm the environment and is non corrosive (in fact, due to the nature of the product it will actually help reduce corrosion to metal).


Liquid Dust Control & Ice Melt Products

Magnesium Chloride approx. 35%

Magnesium Chloride is a high performance, environmentally conscious solution to your aggregate dust control. It works well as a dust suppressant due to its hygroscopic, deliquescent composition, which attracts moisture from the air, binding the soil and resisting evaporation. It has the ability to perform well under a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. Magnesium Chloride is safe for use around plants and animals as well as being less harmful to road surfaces and metals at recommended rates.


C M C 21-23 %

C M C is a natural all Canadian product that is a low cost dust suppressant for less demanding aggregate surfaces such as low traffic laneways, parking lots, etc. 


Granular Dust Control & Ice Melt Products

MAG Pellet 

MAG stands as one of the highest performing, non tracking, low toxicity ice melters of all time. And the best part? Its affordable for you. MAG's melting power peaks at -27º C, (salt peaks at -7), making it extremely effective in lowering liability costs for your property. MAG's magnesium chloride compound not only outperforms other ice melters, but is less corrosive, less toxic, and environmentally safer because of lower toxic levels. Mag does not leave residue, and therby does not track into your facilities unless extremely excessive amounts are applied on your doorstep. Mag is also considerably less corrosive than salt or calcium chloride ice melt products. 
*Mag Pellet is available in 20 kg. bags or large totes and can be applied by individuals with minimal training. Call or email PDC for pricing and delivery options. The dedicated staff at PDC boasts prompt delivery to your facility, and is accomodating to customer requests. 


MAG Flake

*Mag Flake is equivalent to Mag Pellet, except it is a more fine, flakey material. This product is a high quality, versatile dust control and ice melt product. It is available in 20 kg. bags or large totes, and can be applied by individuals with minimal training. Call or email PDC for pricing and delivery options. 


ProMelt Slicer 

Promelt Slicer is your economical solution for effective ice control in larger areas such as roadways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Promelt Slicer is a complex crystal containing a homogeneous blend of Mag chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chlorid, sodium chloride, plus more than fifteen trace minerals in each granule. This naturally occuring blend of minerals and chlorides begins to dissolve and penetrate snow and ice IMMEDIATELY after application. The unique crystalline structure of Promelt Slicer provides traction (the benefits of sand without the mess) with additional melting power. Promelt is available in twenty kg. bags.


ProMelt Slicer Enhanced 

Promelt enhanced is a natural complex chloride blend that is treated with an organically based performance enhancer designed specifically to reduce bounce and scatter. This enables Promelt Enhanced to be an economical, yet effective sidewalk ice melt product. The performance enhancer also causes Promelt Enhanced to faster acting, and also enables it to continue working at lower temperatures. Because of its great melting and spreading features, Promelt Enhanced can enable a landscape or snow removal professional to reduce ice melt consumption by as much as 25%. Promelt Enhanced is available in 20 kg. bags.


ProMelt Slicer Extreme 

Promelt Extreme is the ideal blend of complex chlorides with magnesium chloride pellets. Promelt Extreme is formulated to provide the ultimate in fast melting action even during extreme weather conditions, while still working efficiently and reducing the amount of material required for the surface to be ice free. Magnesium chloride is well known for its hygroscopic nature, lower working temperature, low toxicity levels, and less chloride content. Promelt Extreme utilizes the melting performance of Mag, and effectively reduces the damaging amounts of chloride that are released into the environment. Promelt Extreme is an essential tool in any snow professional's arsenal of snow fighting products. Promelt Extreme is available in 20 kg. bags.


Asphalt Repair Products

Propatch Asphalt Patch

ProPatch is a very user friendly, easy to install asphalt patch product.  This product is available in 20 kg. bags, large drums, or bulk. ProPatch provides permanent asphalt repair in all conditions, wet or dry. Because of its formulation, ProPatch can be stored outside for extended periods of time. This is a very economical, versatile product that requires no mixing or special tools to install. Patched areas can be open to traffic immediately upon installation. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the bag.                          

*As part of our great customer service, staff at PDC offer installation service with sales of ProPatch. Customers are charged by the bag applied.