Promelt Slicer Enhanced 20 kg. Bags

PROMELT SLICER ENHANCED  is a natural complex chloride blend that is treated with an organically based performance enhancer designed specifically to reduce bounce and scatter, increase the speed at which the salt begins to work and enable the salt to continue working at lower temperatures. Each granule is completely encapsulated with a blend of magnesium chloride and a viscosity modifier producing effective, longer-lasting melting performance that will reduce overall usage by as much as 25%.

Municipalities are realizing the added benefits of applying treated salt on their roadways and now this environmentally friendlier product is made available in convenient, easy to handle 44lb (20kg) bags. The smaller sized granule is ideal for spreader usage, easy to handle and will actually reduce your application rates which will lead to less total de-icers needed to keep all surfaces clean. Not only will it work to lower temperatures, but you will further achieve reduction in costs as less product will go further.

Product Features
•  Emits less chlorides into the environment
•  Helps to protect your equipment from corrosion caused by salt
•  Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
•  100% natural
•  Low toxicity (LD50)
•  Increased speed & effectiveness of melting agents
•  Longer lasting residual effect, reducing reapplication frequency
•  Performs to -6ËšF (-21ËšC ) 
•  Appealing color prevents over application
•  Easy application - convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling


Green.  Enhanced.  Easy to Use.


Combines green benefits with enhanced performance.
For application in general conditions, evenly
sprinkle ¼ to 1/3 cup (57 to 76 grams) of
(metre) for driveways and walkways. Melting
begins immediately and melting action will
continue longer than many other commonly used
de-icers. Shovel off slush. Thick accumulations of
ice may require additional applications. For
optimum results, remove all loose snow and
slush from driveways, steps and walkways
before applying.
effective if applied at the start of a snowfall or
freezing of surface dampness.  PROMELT SLICER
ENHANCED may also be kept in cars and trucks
for use in any situation where traction is
required. Spread a generous amount in the path
of traction wheels to get out of slick parking
areas or other places where additional traction
may be necessary.